About Sea-Bird Scientific

In 2008, Sea-Bird Electronics was acquired by Danaher. After subsequent acquisition of WET Labs (2010) and Satlantic (2011), Sea-Bird Electronics and its two sister companies combined to form a new entity — Sea-Bird Scientific. By combining the three companies, Sea-Bird Scientific built unprecedented capabilities in providing best-of-class tools for monitoring of physical and biogeochemical variability in waters. Today Sea-Bird Scientific employs over 200 people in the US, Canada, and Europe in development, manufacture, calibration, sales, and support of our products.

In 2013, Sea-Bird Scientific reorganized to provide more focused support for its expanding customer base. We now provide products and services through two commercial businesses:

  • The Ocean Research Business Unit works with our historic customer base and remains the source of most of Sea-Bird Electronics’ core products and services, as well as those of WET Labs and Satlantic. It also manages the firms’ growing capabilities in autonomous platforms and sensors.
  • Sea-Bird Coastal addresses the emerging requirements for improved monitoring of the world’s coastal margin zones and inland waters.

The Sea-Bird Scientific senior leadership includes: Casey Moore (President and Sea-Bird Electronics site leader); Dr. Tom Mitchell (Vice President Ocean Research Business Unit & Product Engineering); Lea Ann Zuellig (Director of Sea-Bird Coastal); Dr. Nordeen (Norge) Larson (Chief Science Executive); Dr. Andrew Barnard (Chief Technology Officer); David Helwig (Vice President of Operations); and Mark Thorpe (Vice President of Finance and CFO).

While Sea-Bird Scientific continues to shape our business to better serve our customers and the global science community as a whole, we remain firmly committed to the core attributes that built our companies. As testament to this, the previous owners of all three businesses that now comprise Sea-Bird Scientific remain deeply engaged with the business.