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How can I copy the setup of my Sea-Bird software onto another computer?

A setup file is used by Seasave V7, and by each module in SBE Data Processing, to remember the way you had the program set up. You can save the file to a desired filename and location, and then use it when you run the software the next time, to ensure that the software will be set up the same way:

  • A .psa file is created by Seasave V7 to store program settings, such as the instrument configuration (.con or .xmlcon) file name and path, serial ports, water sampler, TCP/IP ports, serial data output, etc. as well as size, placement, and setup for each display window.
  • A .psa file is created by each  module in SBE Data Processing to store program settings, such as the input filename and path, output filename, and module-specific parameters (for example, for Data Conversion: variables to convert, ascii or binary output, etc.).

If you want to set up real-time acquisition or data processing on more than one computer in the same way, simply copy the file for the desired setup, and transfer it to the other computer via your network, email, a thumb drive, or some other media. Then, after you open the software on the second computer, select the setup file you want to use.

  • Seasave V7: Select File / Open Setup File.
  • SBE Data Processing: In the module dialog box, on the File Setup tab, click the Open button under Program setup file.
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