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Is the StorX Clock set to Local Time or UTC Time ?

By default the clock of the StorX is set to UTC time rather than local time.
The StorX will add a UTC timestamp to each data frame that it collects.

The schedule.txt file on board the StorX is a daily schedule, and represents a 24 hour period (00:00 to 24:00). The schedule assumes that the StorX is set to UTC time. The StorX is set to use UTC time by default.
Note that this is especially important if you have a different instrument scheduling for day light hours versus nighttime.

You can check your StorX clock by connecting through the serial connection and using a serial terminal emulator such as hyper-terminal:

First, connect to the StorX serial port, to obtain a command prompt.

From the C:\  prompt, you can verify the StorX clock time by typing "clock get".
Verify that the date and time provided is correct in UTC time.

If the date and time requires updating, you will first have to use the "date" command to set the PicoDOS time to the correct time in UTC.
Once the PicoDOS time is set correctly, you can then enter a "clock set" command to send the PicoDOS time to the StorX clock.

Be sure to type "clock get" again to verify the time is now correct.
This should be done if the system is not used for some time or performed before a deployment.

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