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Which algorithm for calculating sound velocity (SV) from CTD data should I use?

Sea-Bird real-time data acquisition (Seasave V7) and data processing (SBE Data Processing) software supports calculation of Chen-Millero, Del Grosso, and Wilson sound velocities. The algorithms, as implemented in our software, are provided in the software documentation, which is available via the software Help files or in an Appendix in the software manuals.

The Hydrographic Society published Special Publication No. 34 in 1993, "A Comparison Between Algorithms for the Speed of Sound in Seawater", comparing a number of sound velocity algorithms. The report recommends using the Chen-Millero algorithm for water depths less than 1000 meters and the Del Grosso algorithm for water depths greater than 1000 meters, and recommends that the Wilson algorithm should not be used. Access the report via the Hydrographic Society's website.

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