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SeatermV2 2.6.3

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Seaterm V2 version 2.6.3 provides the following changes:

Bug Fixes:

  1. Correct upload from SBE 16plus V2 or 19plus V2 when integrated with a SeaOWL.


  2. Seaterm232 – 14400 baud was added, to accommodate allowable baud rate for SBE 25plus.
  3. Modifications:

  4. Remove installation of PROG11V2 from SBE Data Processing installation and add it to Seaterm V2 installation (now installed in same folder as Seaterm V2).
  5. Bug Fixes:

  6. SeatermUSB -
    SBE 56 device pane was grayed out and unresponsive.
    SBE 56 connect error from USB driver.
    User-entered time option settings were not persistent.
  7. Seaterm485 – SBE 37-SMP with RS-485 interface was not supported.