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This page shows the chronology of major modifications to our website since our integration of content from and Review periodically to see what has been added since your last visit. The Web Updates Archive has updates to, previous to the integration.

Date Update Description
01/17/2018 SBE 7, SBE 8, SBE36, SBE14 reclassified as Discontinued
01/03/2018 Update for UCI Software released
12/8/2017 New manuals for 19plusV2, 16plusV2, SBE Data Processing, SeaSave
11/27/2017 Release of bb9 Manual version 'M'
11/09/2017 New product pages for ECO models FLbb, FLbb/CD-2K and FLbb/CD-K
10/25/2017 Support email is now
10/04/2017 New Product Registration page added in the Support menu column.
10/03/2017 RMA and Cable Search servers were brought back online after host server outage.
09/29/2017 Updated Software section to have the page automatically update versions of propgrams as they are released.
09/28/2017 New syllabus for Sea-Bird University.
09/26/2017 Updated the warranty to reflect product categories for one and five term warranties.
09/19/2017 Updated SeapHOx configuration information regarding integration kits (bottom of configuration tab).
09/19/2017 Updated Application Notes for clearer instructions on locating information.
09/14/2017 Released the Stormwater page under Applications.
09/12/2017 Updated UCI software to 1.2.2. UCI is the recommended software for interacting with HydroCAT, HydroCAT-EP, SUNA, and Deep SUNA.
09/12/2017 Updated SBE Data Processing, Seasave, 16plus V2, and 19plus V2 manuals to current versions.

Updated SeaFETCom to 2.0.2. All associates and customers using SeaFET or SeapHOx should upgrade to SeaFETCom 2.0.2, which fixes a few bugs as described in the release notes.

08/31/2017 Implemented a column to associate Applications Notes with Products in the Application Notes page.
08/28/2017 Re-release of, encompassing product and content from and
08/25/2017 Notice of discontinuation of the ISUS V3 nitrate sensor. The product and associated documents remain searchable on this site for current users to access documentation.
08/23/2017 Updated manuals for HydroCAT and HydroCAT-EP

Updated information regarding shipping for both Philomath and for Bellevue locations.

08/02/2017 Created a page with all of the former WET Labs and Satlantic products.