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SeaCAT C-T Recorder (P optional) 
SBE 16plus V2

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SBE 16plus V2 Moored CTD Recorder
Standard plastic and optional titanium housing shown



The SBE 16plus V2 (Version 2) SeaCAT Recorder measures temperature and conductivity (pressure optional) and provides high accuracy and resolution, reliability, and ease-of-use on moorings and other long-duration, fixed-site deployments. Compared to the previous 16plus, the V2 incorporates an electronics upgrade and additional features, with six differentially amplified A/D input channels, one RS-232 data input channel, and 64 MB FLASH memory. Data can be output in XML as well as ASCII and HEX formats. Firmware upgrades can be downloaded through the communications port, without opening the instrument.

The SBE 16plus V2 uses the same temperature and conductivity sensors (and optional strain gauge or Digiquartz pressure sensor) proven in 10,000 SeaCATs and MicroCATs. The unique internal-field conductivity cell permits the use of expendable anti-foulant devices, for long-term bio-fouling protection.

Calibration coefficients, stored in memory, permit data output in ASCII engineering units (degrees C, Siemens/m, decibars, salinity [PSU], sound velocity [m/sec.], etc.). The sample interval, ranging from 10 to 14,400 seconds, is user-programmable in 1-second increments. Between samples, the SBE 16plus V2 powers down, drawing only 20 microAmps. Nine alkaline D-cells provide power for 355,000 samples of C and T. Conditioned power (500 mA) is available for auxiliary sensors (dissolved oxygen, turbidity, fluorescence, PAR, etc.). Data is recorded in memory for 38.4K baud upload after recovery.

Real-time monitoring is practical using the SBE 16plus V2 3-wire RS-232C data output. The 16plus V2 is well suited to networked sensor arrays where its operation can be triggered by satellite, radio, or hardwire telemetry equipment. An optional inductive modem (1-wire loop) interface allows multiple SeaCATs to share a simple and robust telemetry cable.


Shown with optional pump and 
dissolved oxygen sensor

A standard SBE 16plus V2 is supplied with plastic housing for depths to 600 meters, 64 Mbyte FLASH RAM memory, alkaline batteries, glass-reinforced epoxy bulkhead connectors, and expendable anti-foulant devices.

Options and accessories include:


The SBE 16plus V2 is supplied with a powerful Windows 2000/XP software package, Seasoft V2, which includes programs for communication and data retrieval, real-time data acquisition and display, and data processing (filtering, aligning, averaging) and plotting of CTD and auxiliary sensor data and derived variables.


Dimensions in millimeters (inches)

  Measurement Range Initial Accuracy Typical Stability Resolution
Conductivity (S/m) 0 - 9 0.0005 0.0003/month 0.00005 typical
Temperature (C) -5 to +35 0.005 0.0002/month 0.0001
Pressure (optional) -- Strain-Gauge 0 to 20 / 100 / 350 / 600 / 1000 / 2000/ 3500 / 7000 meters 0.1% of full scale range 0.1% of full scale range/year 0.002% of full scale range
Pressure (optional) -- 
0 to  20 / 60 / 130 / 200 / 270 / 680 / 1400 / 2000 / 4200 / 7000 / 10500 meters 0.02% of full scale range 0.02% of full scale range/year Depends on sample integration time; 0.0006% of full scale range for 1-second integration

Memory: 64 Mbyte non-volatile FLASH memory

Data Storage:
Recorded Parameter Bytes/Sample
T + C 6
Pressure -- strain-gauge or Quartz 5
each external voltage 2
auxiliary RS-232 sensor sensor dependent
date and time 4

Real-Time Clock: 32,768 Hz TCXO accurate to 1 minute/year

Internal Batteries: 9 alkaline D-cells

External Power Supply: 9 - 28 VDC; consult factory for required current

Battery Endurance 1:
CT only: 355,000 samples
CTD only: 240,000 samples
CTD & 5M pump: 140,000 samples
1 With Duracell MN 1300 cells. Dependent on sampling scheme.

Auxiliary Voltage Sensors:
Auxiliary power out: up to 500 mA at 10.5 - 11 VDC
A/D resolution: 14 bits
Input range: 0 - 5 VDC

Depth Rating, Housing, and Weight:

Depth Rating Housing Material Weight in air Weight in water
600 m (1950 ft) acetal copolymer plastic 7.3 kg (16 lbs) 2.3 kg (5 lbs)
7000 m (22,900 ft) 3AL-2.5V titanium 13.7 kg (30 lbs) 8.6 kg (19 lbs)
10500 m (34,400 ft) 6AL-4V titanium    


Documentation -- manual, photos, technical papers, application notes, etc.

Sales Information -- options, accessories, cables, mount kits, spares, etc.

Software -- components of Seasoft V2

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