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This page contains links that you may find useful in determining part numbers and in the ordering process. Sea-Bird's application engineers are available to assist you in determining the best configurations and options for your application. Please contact us for assistance and pricing [ or (+1) 425-643-9866, or see the Directory for email addresses for specific associates]. Please read our Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Product Configuration Options and Accessories

  • Sea-Bird Instruments —
    The Configuration tab on each product page lists product features and options, with the Sea-Bird part numbers. The Configuration tab contains explanatory information, illustrations, and photographs to guide you in selecting the appropriate configuration for your application.
  • Third Party Instruments —
    See Third Party Sensor Configuration for Sea-Bird part numbers for sensors, cables, and mount kits for third party sensors (such as fluorometer, transmissometers, altimeters, etc.) that are supported by our products.


Cables, Mount Kits, and Spares

The Accessories tab on each product page lists cables, mount kits for Sea-Bird products, and spares, with the Sea-Bird part numbers. Where applicable, links are provided to drawings and other documents.

The Third Party Mount Kits page provides part numbers for kits to mount third party sensors on Sea-Bird instruments.

For cables:

  • Check the drawing if the cable length listed does not meet your needs; cable drawings often list part numbers for the same cable in a variety of lengths.
  • Y-cables for auxiliary sensors are not listed, because of the huge variety of possible sensor combinations. Contact Sea-Bird for part numbers, or try the Cable Search page.

Note: When ordering cables, mount kits, and/or spares kits for an instrument you already own, we require the instrument serial number to verify the instrument configuration / features. (Click here to see an example of where to find the serial number on your instrument.)


Get a Quote

Complete our Quote Request Form or contact Sea-Bird [ or (+1) 425-643-9866] and indicate:

  • What items are needed (the more completely you provide information about the application, the more accurate our quotation)?
  • Model(s) (for example, SBE 19plus V2, SBE 32, etc.)?
  • Maximum operating depth?
  • Real-time data, internal recording, or both?
  • Integrate with a water sampler? SBE 32 Carousel, SBE 55 ECO, or other?
  • Additional sensors? Type and quantity?
  • Moored or profiling application?
  • Integrate with instrument(s) you already own? Instrument names and serial numbers? (Click here to see an example of where to find the serial number on your instrument.)
  • When is delivery required?
  • What is the equipment destination?
  • Should shipping costs be included in the quotation?
  • Do you require quote validity beyond 60 days?

Place an Order

Sea-Bird accepts orders placed by:

  • E-mail [],
  • Phone [(+1) 425-643-9866],
  • Fax [(+1) 425-643-9954], or
  • Mail [Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc., 13431 NE 20th Street, Bellevue, Washington 98005, USA]


  • Quote number (if order is based on a Sea-Bird quote)
  • Shipping address
  • Required date of receipt of equipment
  • Purchase order number (if applicable)

If your organization does not issue Purchase Order numbers, please indicate clearly that you are placing an order.

Payment is in USA dollars (payment in Euros and other currencies may be acceptable if agreed to in advance).


  • NET 30 days (recognized North American accounts)
  • NET 60 days (recognized oversea accounts)
  • Wire Transfer in advance of Shipment
  • Letter of Credit
  • Cash against documents
  • Credit card:
    Indicate card type (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), name on card, card number, card expiration date, 3-digit security code on back of card, and card billing address.
    Note: If providing credit card information by email, please use our secure email address, designed specifically for billing information: