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SBE 39 to SBE 39plus Comparison

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The original SBE 39 was introduced in 1998 and has continuously evolved over the years with periodic, minor upgrades. The SBE 39plus was introduced in February 2014 to replace the SBE 39.

Feature New Version SBE 39plus Old Version SBE 39
Specifications — Accuracy, Stability, Resolution, Calibration Unchanged
Sample Intervals 0.5 sec, or 1 to 21,600 sec 1 sec (without pressure) or 1.5 sec (with pressure), or 3 to 32,767 sec
Memory Capacity Number of measurements:
  • 9.5 million temperature and time
  • 5.5 million temperature, pressure, and time
Number of measurements:
  • 4.7 million temperature and time
  • 3.6 million temperature, pressure, and time
Battery Capacity Number of measurements:
  • 12.4 million temperature, pressure, and time
Number of measurements:
  • 150,000 temperature, pressure, and time
Upload USB (fast upload of large datasets via internal connector) or RS-232 RS-232
Data Format Can:
  • Output in user-selectable units — temperature (°C or °F), pressure (dbar or psi), date and time
  • Output sample numbers with measurements
  • Output in XML for easy machine readability
Outputs °C, dbar, date and time
Compatibility with Existing Systems
  • Can emulate old version data format using Legacy=y command
  • Retains old-style commands as well as newer, easier-to-use versions
Housing, Size, Weight, and Mounting Unchanged
Configuration Options Unchanged:
  • Thermistor — embedded or external
  • Pressure sensor — 8 ranges, from 20 to 7000 m
  • Connector — none, XSG, or MCBH
  • Housing — plastic (600 m) or titanium (10,500 m)
Batteries Four AA lithium batteries, which pop into battery holder. Circuit boards are protected by splash-proof plastic casing, minimizing possibility of damaging circuit boards while replacing batteries. One 9-volt lithium or alkaline battery on circuit board. Requires screwdriver to replace; circuit board exposed while replacing battery.
Software New software:
  • Easy-to-use USB software for updating commonly modified parameters (such as changing sample interval, erasing memory, setting date and time) and uploading and plotting data
  • Terminal programs (RS-232 and USB) for sending full suite of setup and testing commands
RS-232 terminal program (Seaterm) and plotting software (Plot39)