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SeaFET Firmware v3.6.4

Caution: SeaFET cannot operate without a valid firmware. When upgrading the firmware, the existing firmware is erased, and the new firmware is written to memory. If the write process is interrupted, for example by a loss of power, SeaFET may enter a non-responsive state. In case of a problem, contact Satlantic for support.


The following steps are required to upgrade to a new firmware:

  • Download the new SeaFET firmware file to your computer.
  • Connect to the SeaFET using SeaFETCom Software.
  • Open the Firmware Upload Dialog via the Advanced selection in SeaFETCom's Sensor menu.
  • Browse to the location of the new Firmware Upgrade File.
  • Press the Upload button to start the upgrade.
  • SeaFET recognizes invalid firmware files, and rejects those.
  • The complete firmware upgrade takes no longer than 2 minutes.
  • After the upgrade has been completed, SeaFET is disconnected from SeaFETCom; the user must manually re-establish the connection.

[Download the zipped .SFW file here]

[SeaFET Firmware v3.6.4 - November 2016]