Website Updates

This page shows the chronology of major modifications to our website in the last 12 months. Review periodically to see what has been added since your last visit. For Web updates from previous years, see Web Updates Archive.

Date Update Description
1/16/16 Added May 16 - 19 training class.
1/15/16 Updated Career Opportunities to add Production Assembly Technician I position at Sea-Bird Electronics (Bellevue, WA).
1/12/16 Added News item announcing 2016 Student Equipment Loan Program.
Updated Career Opportunities to add Service Technician I position at Sea-Bird Electronics (Bellevue, WA).
1/11/16 Updated Career Opportunities to add IT Administrator and Experienced Development Electrical Engineer positions at WET Labs (Philomath, Oregon).
12/21/15 Added information on training in India, February 9 - 11, 2016.
12/07/15 Added link on Technical Papers page and Biogeochemical Monitoring page to 5-minute Ignite Presentation from Oceans '15: Seeing what you have only heard about in the ocean: The Mediterranean Overturn.
11/25/15 Added Field Service Bulletin #29 - Wet-Pluggable Connector Material Issue and Replacement Plan.
11/04/15 Updated Career Opportunities to add Staff Accountant position.
11/02/15 Updated Career Opportunities to add Sales/Application Engineer position.
10/16/15 Updated Career Opportunities to add Production Assembly Technician I position and remove Test Technician position.
09/30/15 Added Quickstart Guide on Documents tab of SeapHOx Ocean CTD-pH-DO Sensor.
Updated Career Opportunities to remove Senior Chemist position.
09/10/15 Updated Career Opportunities to add R&D Intern - Chemistry Focus position at WET Labs.
08/24/15 Updated Career Opportunities to remove Final Test Technician position.
08/17/15 Updated October 12-15 training class to show only 3 seats still open.
08/12/15 Added October 12-15 training class.
08/11/15 Updated Career Opportunities to add Senior Chemist position.
08/10/15 Added ability to order following additional products online: SBE 37-SM, SMP, SMP-ODO, SI, SIP, SIP-IDO (click Buy Now button on product page).
Updated Career Opportunities to add Test Technician I position.
07/29/15 Added Field Service Bulletin 28: SBE 39plus / SBE 56 USB Connectivity Problem.
Updated Seasoft V2 and Seaterm V2 installations, to fix USB driver problem addressed in Field Service Bulletin 28.
07/21/15 Added press release on Team Durafet's $250,000 prize in Wendy Schmidt Ocean Helath XPRIZE.
05/01/15 Added product list dropdown selection for the Contact Support form.
04/30/15 Updated Contact Sales and Contact Support forms for inclusion of Captcha anti-spam.
03/23/15 Updated Sea-Bird Europe pages to add more instruments that can be serviced at our facility in Germany: SBE 33 Carousel Deck Unit, SBE 36 CTD Deck Unit & Power Data Interface Module (PDIM), and SBE 39plus Temperature (pressure optional) Recorder.
03/04/15 Updated SBE 13 and SBE 23 DO Sensor Trade-In Program details to indicate that trade-in offer has expired and that we are no loner servicing or calibrating these instrument.
02/10/15 Added white paper: Comparison of Argo Float Pressure Sensor Performance: Druck versus Kistler.


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