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Sea-Bird Scientific Announces EIVA as Official Distributor in Scandinavia

January 3, 2019

Sea-Bird Scientific and leading developer and provider of equipment and integrated systems solutions EIVA have announced the signing of an agreement, in which EIVA will serve as official distributor of all salt-water Sea-Bird Scientific products in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Commenting on the signing of the first official agreement made between the two companies, Anne Juul Andreasen, EIVA Director Marketing and Sales, said: ‘This new agreement marks a new chapter in an already long and productive relationship. EIVA’s new official role in working with this broad portfolio of oceanographic tools opens up exciting new avenues for closer collaboration between two companies that share a common commitment to delivery of maritime solutions of the highest quality.‘

EIVA a/s, which is headquartered in Denmark, is an engineering company with more than 40 years’ experience in the offshore and shallow water construction and survey industry. They provide software, equipment, integrated system solutions, rental services, 24/7 support and software training to a wide range of segments, covering virtually any subsea task.

Our partners at EIVA understand the challenges our customers face, and they work closely together with them in choosing and implementing the solution that will offer the most value to their often mission-critical operations with all that implies. Their extensive customer base comprises of organizations and companies from the international industry.

‘EIVA has been a long-time partner for Sea-Bird Scientific in developing integrated solutions using Sea-Bird Scientific sensors. Making EIVA our distributor in Scandinavia has opened up new possibilities and growth opportunities for both organizations. This partnership is aimed towards greater customer satisfaction.’ commented Tom Mitchell, VP Commercial Team at Sea-Bird Scientific.

Read the full press release here.

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