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June 2019 Newsletter

Shallow and Deep SeapHOx V2
Deploying in a dynamic environment? Determine which pH sensor to use before you go.

Environments with dynamically changing salinity impress a temporary error upon the chloride-sensitive external reference electrode, found on the Shallow and Deep SeapHOx V2 ISFET pH sensors. While the measurement quality is still superior to glass electrode sensors, considering your environment before deploying a sensor can help avoid spending long nights with a low-pass filter.

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Live ISFET pH Webinar - July 18th 1PM ET/10AM PT
Live Webinar: Ocean Acidification and Measurement Tools

A changing ocean calls for new measurement tools. Keep up to date on the latest changes in ocean pH measurement technology by attending Sea-Bird Scientific’s upcoming webinar on ISFET pH sensors, presented by Senior Chemist Charles Branham, Ph.D., and Field Scientist Greg Ikeda.

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Spiking pH Data
Tech Tip – Eventual Failure of pH Internal

These data show the tail end of a long-term SeaFET deployment. Both pH Internal and pH External were matching closely with one another until pH Internal took a series of unreasonable downward plunges before concluding with completely erratic data. Can you guess why this occurred?

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ISFET pH - 5 Scientific Papers

Ocean acidification is happening, and tracking ocean pH over long stretches of time calls for refined tools and lots of research. Read up on 5 papers that helped Sea-Bird Scientific adopt ISFET pH sensor as our solution for long-term pH monitoring.

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Leasa Sanders, Service Administrator
Meet our people: Leasa Sanders

For nearly a year now, we have been the beneficiaries of Leasa’s sunny professionalism as our Service Administrator. She comes to us with 20 years of customer service experience, handling anything from escalating customer issues to listening to customer stories—her current favorite involves a still-functional WQM that washed ashore after three years of being adrift. Outside of Sea-Bird, Leasa enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering in her community—such as National Red Nose Day on May 23rd—a campaign to end child poverty.

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