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Sending Data to Sea-Bird

Having problems operating your instrument and/or processing and interpreting the data? To provide assistance, we often need to look at the data file(s) and the instrument configuration (.con or .xmlcon) file. You can copy these files to our Data ftp site as described below.

  1. Contact Sea-Bird to get the current user name and password:
  • Via email: In your email, please indicate the file types and sizes.
  • Via phone: +1 425-643-9866.
  1. Use one of the following methods to upload the data -

Method 1: Using an FTP Utility program (such as FileZilla), enter the following:

a. Name / IP Address / Host —
b. User ID — seabirddata
c. Password — enter the current password (supplied by Sea-Bird)
d. The ftp site should appear. Follow instructions for your FTP Utility program to copy files to the Customer Data folder on the ftp site.

Method 2: Using Internet Explorer:

a: Go to
b. A password box will appear. Enter the user name (seabirddata) and current password (supplied by Sea-Bird).
c. There should be directions at the top of the page. To view this FTP site in Windows Explorer, click Page, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer. Following those directions:

  1. In the toolbar area, you should see Page, with a pull-down arrow next to it. Select Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.
  2. The ftp site should pop up in a Windows Explorer window. It will probably ask you for the user name and password (again!)

d. Copy the file from your computer (Ctrl C) and paste it into the Customer Data folder in the Windows Explorer window (Ctrl V).