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DH4, 6

DH4, 6
Product #: FAS-000410
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Performs complex sensor integration

Software lets users merge data from all connected sensors

Configure, control, and download and process data

Supports combinations of up to 8 sensors

Data collection can be viewed in real-time

Simultaneously collect and store data

Configured for 4, 6, or 8 sensors

Accomodates up to 7 channels of voltage input


Baud Rate: 600–115200
Current Draw: 50 mA
Data Transfer: Binary
Depth Rating: 500 m
Diameter: 10.4 cm
Input Voltage: 7 – 18 VDC
Length: 17.8 cm
Memory: 1 GB
Number of Analog Ports: 0
Number of Serial Ports: 6
Power: Max total: 2 A at input voltage
Max power/port: 2A at input
Temperature Range: 0–30 °C
Weight in air, water: 1.8, 0.3 kg