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ECO-BB-RT Backscatterwith real-time output

ECO-BB-RT Backscatterwith real-time output
Product #: ECO1.E00000BS
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Multiple measurements in a compact design

Blue, green, or red scattering

Free space measurement with no pump required

Available with internal batteries

Available with copper anti-fouling faceplate and wiper


Anti-fouling: No
Current Draw: 50 mA
Data Storage: No
Depth Rating: 600 m
Diameter: 6.3 cm
Fluorescence EX/EM: N/A
Fluorescence Range: N/A
Fluorescence Sensitivity: N/A
Fluorescence Type: N/A
Input Voltage: 7 – 15 VDC
Length: 12.7 cm
Sample Rate: user-selectable to 8 Hz
Scattering Range: 0–5 m-1
Scattering Sensitivity: 0.003 m-1
Scattering Wavelengths: 650 nm
Weight in air, water: 0.40, 0.02 kg