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ECO-Triplet-BBFL2-W -Backscatter, Chlorophyll-a and FDOM, memory and wiper

ECO-Triplet-BBFL2-W -Backscatter, Chlorophyll-a and FDOM, memory and wiper
Product #: ECO3.F2315010N5US
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Multiple measurements in a compact design

Blue, green, or red scattering, Chlorophyll, FDOM, Phycocyanin, Phycoerythrin, or Rhodamine fluorescence

Multiple scattering and fluorescence combinations available

Free space measurement with no pump required

Available with internal batteries

Available with copper anti-fouling faceplate and wiper


Anti-fouling: Yes
Current Draw: 60 mA
Data Storage: 67,000 samples
Depth Rating: 1500 m
Diameter: 8.08 cm
Fluorescence EX/EM: 470/695, 370/460 nm
Fluorescence Range: 0–250 µg/L, 0–375 ppb
Fluorescence Sensitivity: 0.025 µg/L, 0.28 ppb
Fluorescence Type: chlorophyll-a
Input Voltage: 7 – 15 VDC
Length: 22.1 cm
Sample Rate: user-selectable to 4 Hz
Scattering Range: 0-1000 NTU
Scattering Sensitivity: 0.490 NTU
Scattering Wavelengths: 700 nm
Weight in air, water: 1.28, 0.29 kg