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WQMx Water Quality Monitor

Accurate data, unattended

Sea-Bird Scientific brings offshore research-grade measurement technology to inshore and estuarine research through ocean observing applications. The WQMx incorporates Sea-Bird Scientific's fluorometer-turbidity and CTD sensors, providing temperature, salinity, depth, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll fluorescence, turbidity and backscattering data. The WQM sensors have the accuracy and precision to track subtle long-term changes in even the cleanest marine systems. By combining multiple active and passive anti-fouling features, the WQM assures this data quality in coastal and inshore regimes. Extensive field trials have demonstrated the WQM's unprecedented long-term stability in biologically rich coastal waters.

Built for extended deployment

Typically, biofouling and sediment loads are the dominant factors that degrade and limit the data quality. These factors can overwhelm inadequately protected sensors and invalidate their data—often in just a few days. Effective long term monitoring demands the highest data quality over weeks and months. The key to cost effective data collection requires a sensor package that can withstand the environmental hazards of coastal waters. The WQMx employs active flow control, passive flow prevention, light-blocking, active biocide injection and passive inhibitors to effectively and safely combat internal and external fouling. With fouling minimized, the superior inherent stability of the WQMx sensors translates directly to superior long-term data quality.

Designed for long term deployments the WQMx uses both active and passive anti-fouling measures that allow it to be deployed unattended for up to a year.

Cost effective—now and later

The cost of monitoring is tied to the instrument life cycle and real value is ultimately provided through quality data, day after day, month after month, year after year. The WQMx provides quality data while dramatically reducing the need for field and factory service. The bottom line: the WQMx delivers unequaled long-term data quality and minimizes operational and maintenance costs.
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