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SBE 52-MP Moored Profiler CTD & optional DO Sensor

The SBE 52-MP CTD sensor is intended for use as a modular component on moored profiling platforms in which a device travels vertically beneath a buoy or a buoyant package is winched up and down from a bottom-mounted platform. It is an easy-to-use, light, and compact instrument, well suited to even the smallest vehicle. The 52-MP can be equipped with an SBE 43F Dissolved Oxygen sensor, but does not support other auxiliary sensors. It is externally powered, and temporarily stores data in memory (if power is removed, data in memory is lost).

The SBE 52-MP’s pump-controlled, TC-ducted flow minimizes salinity spiking, and its 1 Hz sampling provides good resolution of oceanographic structures and gradients on typical slow-moving packages (20-50 cm/sec). Data are output in real-time in engineering units (mmho/cm, °C, decibars, ml/l) or raw hex or binary.
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