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SBE 56 Temperature Sensor

SBE 56 Temperature Sensor
Product #: 56.1S
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56 TEMPERATURE LOGGER - high accuracy (0.002 degrees C), up to 2 Hz sampling rate, 64 MB memory (15.9 million samples), 1500 meter plastic housing, single AA lithium battery, USB 2.0 interface, interface cable (172557), opening tool (234372), spares kit (60059), software, & complete documentation. SBE 56 in shipping box, with opening tool, desiccant, cable, and spare O-rings.

SBE 56 Spares & Accessories
50404 Lithium batteries (spare), package of two 3.6V AA cells (Saft LS 14500) One battery is included with standard shipment; these are spare. Shipping restrictions apply for shipping spare lithium batteries; see SBE 56 manual for details. Click here to buy Saft LS 14500 from Amazon.
172557 SBE 56 USB Type A to Mini-B cable, 1.8 m For uploading data using internal USB connector. Included with standard shipment; this is spare.
234372 SBE 56 Opening Tool Tool provides a good grip on SBE 56 end cap, making it easier to open to access USB connector.
60059 SBE 56 spare O-rings & desiccants Includes O-rings and desiccant.