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SBE 16Plus V2 with Plastic Housing, 350 m Pressure Sensor, XSG Connector

SBE 16Plus V2 with Plastic Housing, 350 m Pressure Sensor, XSG Connector
Product #: 16P.1310S
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Flexible Moored Sampling Options

Moored Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure (optional), and up to seven auxiliary sensors, at user-programmable intervals (10 seconds to 4 hours).

Internal and External Power and Logging

RS-232 interface, internal memory, and internal alkaline batteries (can be powered externally).

Long-term Data Quality

Expendable anti-foulant devices and optional pump for bio-fouling protection.

Pumped Flow Path

Optional pump runs for each sample, providing improved conductivity and plumbed auxiliary sensor response, bio-fouling protection, and correlation of CTD and auxiliary sensor measurements.


Auxiliary Sensors: Power out up to 500 mA at 10.5 - 11 VDC;
Voltage sensor A/D resolution 14 bits and input range 0-5 VDC
Communication: RS-232
Conductivity Accuracy: ± 0.0005 S/m
Conductivity Measurement Range: 0 - 9 S/m
Conductivity resolution: 0.00005 S/m typical
Connector: XSG
Data Memory: 64 Mbyte non-volatile FLASH
Housing, Depth Rating, & Weight: 7.3 kg in air, 2.3 kg in water
Housing Material: Plastic
Optional External Power: 9 - 28 VDC
Power Supply: 9 alkaline D-cell batteries
Pressure Initial Accuracy: ± 0.1% of full scale range
Pressure Resolution: 0.002% of full scale range
Pressure Sensor/Range: 350 m Pressure Sensor
Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.005 °C
Temperature Range: -5 to +35 °C
Temperature Resolution: 0.0001 °C