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SBE 21 Thermosalinograph with Connector for SBE 38, 4 Single-Ended Inputs, Without Water Jacket

Product #: 21.110S
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Externally powered thermosalinograph for shipboard determination of sea surface (pumped-water) conductivity and temperature. Internal memory, acquisition of NMEA navigational data and remote temperature data, and capability to interface with auxiliary sensors.

The externally powered SBE 21 accurately determines sea surface temperature and conductivity from underway vessels. Data is simultaneously stored in memory and output to a computer in real-time.

Typically mounted near the ship’s seawater intake, the SBE 21 connects to an AC-powered interface box near a computer. The interface box provides power and an isolated data interface, and contains a NMEA 0183 port for appending navigation data.

Memory capacity exceeds 10.6 million samples of temperature and conductivity; real-time output continues after the memory is full.

  • Shipboard Thermosalinograph
  • Data Quality
  • Easily Installed