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SBE 26plus Seagauge Wave & Tide Recorder - DISCONTINUED


SBE 26plus Seagauge Wave & Tide Recorder - DISCONTINUED
Product #: 26P.1A110S


This item is no longer available.

Sea-Bird Scientific has discontinued the 26plus Wave and Tide Recorder, but will continue providing service and support for a limited time:

  • End of Full Service: November 1, 2023
  • End of Best Effort Service: November 1, 2025
  • Best Effort Support: November 1, 2025 - Indefinitely

If you have questions about how these service and support timelines may impact your instrument, please contact us at

The SBE 26plus combines a stable time base, precision thermometer, and pressure sensor (Quartz or strain-gauge) to provide wave and tide recording of unprecedented resolution and accuracy, along with high-quality temperature information. The 26plus stores data in memory, and also outputs real-time tide data, wave data, and wave statistics. The large memory and low power requirements permit frequent water level recording and highly detailed wave characterization.

The 26plus integrates pressure samples to obtain water level measurements unaffected by wave action, and also independently burst-samples pressure at up to 4 Hz for wave amplitude calculation. The tide interval is programmable (1 minute to 12 hours). A 26plus with Quartz pressure can continuously measure pressure, or can conserve battery power by removing power from the pressure sensor between tide measurements (programmable integration from 10 sec to the entire tide interval). Temperature data is recorded with each tide. Waves are characterized by burst sampling, with programmable burst interval, number of samples/burst, and integration time. Logging start and stop times are programmable, allowing lab setup before deployment.

An input connector for an optional SBE 4M conductivity sensor is standard.

  • Internal Programming and Processing
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Data Transmission
  • Long Term Deployment