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SBE 33 Deck Unit, 240VAC, MCBH Water Sampler Connectors

Product #: 33.32S
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Surface power and real-time data acquisition and control for water samplers (SBE 32 and 55) and Sea-Bird CTDs; two-way communication over single- or multi-conductor sea cable.

The rack-mountable SBE 33 provides surface power and real-time data acquisition and control for an SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler (can close up to 24 bottles) with SBE 33 interface installed, or for the smaller SBE 55 ECO Water Sampler. When powered and controlled by the SBE 33, the water sampler can be used with an SBE 19, 19plus, 19plus V2, 25, 25plus, or 49 CTD, or without a CTD. The system provides real-time data telemetry and surface power for the CTD, and permits water sampler control with the SBE 33 front panel buttons or via our Seasave software.

The SBE 33 can also be used with a Power & Data Interface Module (PDIM) when a water sampler is not needed. The PDIM provides the same power and CTD data interface functionality as the water sampler, but without water sampling capability.

  • Surface Interface for Real-Time CTD Systems
  • Water Sampler Controls
  • Data Additions