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SBE 44 Underwater Inductive Modem with MCBH Connector

SBE 44 Underwater Inductive Modem with MCBH Connector
Product #: 44.2S
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Expanding Deploymen Potential

Integrates RS-232 instruments to Sea-Bird's Inductive Modem (IM) telemetry system.

Flexible Power Options

Internal battery pack (can be powered externally) powers SBE 44, and can also power serial instrument.

Designed for Deep Deployments

7000 m titanium housing.

Reliable Telemetry

Sea-Bird's field-proven IM telemetry, with more than 3000 Sea-Bird IM instruments deployed since 1997.


Connector: MCBH
Depth Rating: 7000 m
Housing Material: Titanium
Maximum Current to Serial Instrument: 1.5 Amps
Power Supply: 10.6 Amp-hour (nominal) battery pack, derated to 8.8 Amp-hour (if not supplying power to serial instrument) or 5.7 Amp-hour (if supplying power to serial instrument).
Sensor Interface: RS-232