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SBE 44 Underwater Inductive Modem with MCBH Connector

Product #: 44.2S
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Integrates RS-232 instruments to Inductive Modem (IM) telemetry system. Internal battery pack provides power to SBE 44 and can also power the RS-232 instrument.

The SBE 44 Underwater Inductive Modem makes it possible to integrate current meters, Doppler profilers, or other instruments having standard serial interfaces with MicroCATs and other instruments that communicate via Sea-Bird’s Inductive Modem (IM) telemetry. The SBE 44 is designed for long-duration deployments on moorings. It has a built-in inductive cable coupler (split toroid) and cable clamp, providing data communications without the need for electrical connections, and an easy and secure attachment to any point on a jacketed mooring wire. An underwater bulkhead connector on the end cap provides the serial data connection, a control line, and switched power out.

When the SBE 44 receives a command over the IM link containing its unique ID, it relays the command to the serial instrument and transmits the reply over the IM link. A buffer allows the SBE 44 to interface to serial instruments at 300 to 19200 baud while transmitting data at 1200 baud over the IM link. Programmable setup parameters include timeout values, control signal logic, and sensor response termination logic, allowing the SBE 44 to interface to a wide variety of instruments without requiring custom programming.

  • Expanding Deploymen Potential
  • Flexible Power Options
  • Designed for Deep Deployments
  • Reliable Telemetry