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SBE3Plus Temperature Sensor with Aluminum Housing, XSG Connector, GE Probe

Product #: 03P.210
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Fast-response, frequency-output, extremely low-drift temperature sensor, for use on SBE 9plus profiling CTD.

Intended primarily for use on the SBE 911plus profiling CTD system, the SBE 3plus can also be used as a component in custom oceanographic systems or for high-accuracy industrial and environmental temperature monitoring applications.

The superior performance of the SBE 3plus results from its optimized electronic design, superior calibration, response characterization, and quality testing program. The SBE 3plus is a more rigorously tested and calibrated version of our SBE 3F, demonstrating drift of less than 0.001 °C during a six-month screening period. In addition, the time response is carefully measured and verified to be 0.065 ± 0.010 sec.

  • Exceptional Performance
  • Modular Sensor
  • Sea-Bird Calibration Quality