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SBE50 with Titanium Housing, 110 dbar Pressure Sensor, XSG Connector, RS-232 Interface

Product #: 50.1210S
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Pressure measurements at 16 Hz. RS-232 interface; optional voltage output. No memory or batteries; intended for use on vehicles that can supply power and acquire data.

The SBE 50 is a high-accuracy, high-resolution (16 Hz sampling) pressure sensor, intended for use in towed vehicles, ROVs, AUVs, or other autonomous platforms that can supply DC power and acquire data. It is an easy-to-use, light, compact instrument, well suited to even the smallest vehicle.

The SBE 50 must be externally powered, and its RS-232C data (and/or 0 - 5 volt output) logged or telemetered by the vehicle to which it is mounted. The SBE 50’s strain-gauge pressure sensor is offered in eight full scale ranges from 20 to 7000 dbars. Compensation of the temperature influence on pressure offset and scale is performed by the SBE 50’s CPU. Measurements are output as raw data (pressure and pressure temperature) or in engineering units (pressure in decibars or psia, or depth in meters or feet).

Commands sent to the SBE 50 provide status display, data acquisition setup, and diagnostic tests.

  • Data Quality
  • Programmable sampling
  • Flexible Data Output
  • Accurate Calibration
  • Water Sampler Compatibility