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SeaOWL UV-A Sea Oil-in-Water Locator, SLC

SeaOWL UV-A Sea Oil-in-Water Locator, SLC
Product #: FAS-542252
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Differentiate crude oil from phytoplankton and other natural sources of FDOM

Backscattering and chlorophyll fluorescence provide discrimination of constituents

New dynamic gain

Prevents saturation even in heavily impacted environments

Optimized electronics

Dynamic gain stage modulation

Improved sensitivity

Provides industry-leading sensitivity over a large detection range


Backscattering Range: 0–0.04 mˉ¹ srˉ¹
Backscattering Sensitivity: 1E-06 mˉ¹ srˉ¹
Backscattering Wavelength: 700 nm
Chlorophyll EX/EM: 470/690 nm
Chlorophyll Measurement Range: 0.005–250 µg/L
Chlorophyll Measurement Sensitivity: 0.005 µg/L
Current Draw: 81 mA @ 7 V
Depth Rating: 2000 m
Displacement: 137 ml
FDOM EX/EM: 370/460 nm
FDOM Measurement Range: 0.03–900 ppb QSDE
FDOM Measurement Sensitivity: 0.03 ppb QSDE
Input Voltage: 7 – 15 VDC
Length: 5.46 cm
Oil Limit of Detection: < 80 ppb crude oil
Oil Sensitivity: 5 ppb crude oil
Output: 14 bit resolution
Weight in air, water: 0.34 kg