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Slocum Glider CTD with 1000 dBar Pressure Sensor, Direct Ground

Slocum Glider CTD with 1000 dBar Pressure Sensor, Direct Ground
Product #: SLOCUM.50S
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Conductivity, Temperature, and Pressure

Assembly visible on glider exterior consists of intake sail (with integral T-C duct and anti-foulant device), internal field conductivity cell, and exhaust sail attached to a rectangular science bay hatch cover. Electronics, pump motor, and pressure transducer are attached to hatch cover underside and enclosed in waterproof calibration housing. Intake sail allows measurements to be made outside vehicle’s boundary flow (where old water is thermally contaminated by vehicle). Pump pulls water into intake sail, past temperature sensor, through anti-foulant device and conductivity cell, and out exhaust sail (preventing exhaust re-circulation and Bernoulli pressure differences from changing flow rate). Outside of conductivity cell is free-flushed, minimizing salinity errors.

For Glider Integration

RS-232 interface, real-time output, externally powered

Two sampling modes

1. Continuous Sampling (autorun = yes) runs pump continuously and samples every 2 sec, producing time series suitable for corrections (e.g. response filtering, alignment, thermal mass correction) for dynamic errors in data.
2. Polled Sampling (autorun = no) acquires and transmits data on command. For valid salinity data, pump must be run prior to sampling.

Optimizes Glider Data Quality

Unique flow path, pumping regimen, and expendable anti-foulant device, for maximum bio-fouling protection. Pump-controlled, T-C ducted flow to minimize salinity spiking.


Conductivity Accuracy: In calibration range: ± 0.0003 S/m; Outside calibration range 1: ± 0.0010 S/m
Conductivity Measurement Range: 0 - 9 S/m (calibrated 0 - 6 S/m)
Conductivity resolution: 0.00001 S/m
Grounding: Direct Ground
Power Consumption: 241 mW (continuous sampling while operating)
Power input: 8 to 20 VDC
Pressure Initial Accuracy: In calibration range: ± 0.1% of full scale range;
Pressure Resolution: 0.002% of full scale range
Pressure Sensor/Range: 1000
Quiescent Current: 30 µA
Sampling Speed: 1/2 Hz (1 sample/2 sec)
Temperature Accuracy: In calibration range: ± 0.002 °C; Outside calibration range 1: ± 0.004 °C
Temperature Range: -5 to +42 °C (calibrated +1 to +32 °C)
Temperature Resolution: 0.001 °C
Weight: 1.1 kg, in water 0.4 kg.