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Submersible Underwater Nutrient Analyzer (SUNA)

Submersible Underwater Nutrient Analyzer (SUNA)
Product #: SUNA.00012S
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Application Notes Type Language Size Date Edition
Connector Care and Cable Installation
App Note 57
  English US 671 KB 2014-01 N/A
Datasheets/Brochures Type Language Size Date Edition
In Situ Nutrient Sensors
  English US 482 KB 2017-01 Not Applicable
SUNA V2 UV Nitrate Sensor
  English US 696 KB 2017-06 N/A
Manuals Type Language Size Date Edition
SUNA V2 Nitrate Sensor
  English US 2 MB 2018-07 F
Other Type Language Size Date Edition
CDOM Interference on Nitrate Measurements
Reference Sheet
  English US 463 KB 2017-03
In Situ Nutrient Monitoring in the Murderkill Estuary
Case Study
  English US 333 KB 2017-05
Measuring Nitrate in Puget Sound using Optical Sensors
Case Study
  English US 418 KB 2017-10
Nutrient Monitoring in Foreman Branch in Support of the Chester River Watershed Observatory
Case Study
  English US 1 MB 2014-10
Nutrient Units Primer
Reference Sheet
  English US 171 KB 2017-10
Real Time Nitrate and Phosphate Monitoring for Ecosystem Modeling
Case Study
  English US 267 KB 2017-10
SUNA V2 Humidity Bulletin - A complete solution for ingress
Reference Sheet
  English US 334 KB 2017-03
Tech Note - Configuring a SUNA V2 for Real-Time Analog Output
  English US 1 MB 2018-08 N/A
Software/Firmware Type Language Size Date Edition
SUNA V2 Firmware v2.5.1
The latest firmware version for the SUNA V2.
  English UK, English US 135 KB 2015-02 2.5.1
UCI software
UCI software
  English US 123 MB 2019-11 2.0.3
UCI software (Mac)
UCI software (Mac)
  English US 122 MB 2019-11 2.0.3