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Thetis Profiler

The Thetis Profiler is an autonomous moored profiler that is a submersible vertically profiling platform for use in marine to freshwater water bodies. The platform is designed to sample the water column distributions of physical, biological, chemical and optical properties at a fixed geographical location over extended periods of time, providing sub-meter scale vertical resolution over the water column. The Thetis design includes a modular, self-contained, winch-driven profiling platform with an integrated control system, a power system, and a telemetry unit. It is designed to carry a number of physical, optical and biological sensors, with expansion ports for up to a total of 8 instruments. Since the Thetis is a completely self-contained profiler the recovery, deployment and maintenance of the unit is greatly simplified.

  • Operates in water depths of 5-100 m

  • Can profile in horizontal water current speeds up to 0.65 m/s

  • User configurable profiling speeds (1-30cm/s)

  • Freewave, Iridium, and cell telemetry options available

  • Supports a suite of science instrumentation

  • Easily deployable from a small vessel

  • Remote control of profiling mission parameters
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