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Water Quality Monitor (WQM)

Water Quality Monitor (WQM)
Product #: FAS-052102
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Effective long term monitoring

Active anti-fouling provides high quality data month after month.

Field-serviceable components

Keep the WQM in the field, not at the factory.

Accurate and precise measurements

Tracks changes even in the cleanest marine system

Designed for ease of use and service

Analog output available


Analog Outputs: No
Chlorophyll EX/EM: 470/695 nm
Chlorophyll Measurement Range: 0–50 µg/L
Chlorophyll Measurement Sensitivity: 0.015 µg/L
Conductivity Accuracy: 0.0003 S/m
Conductivity resolution: 0.0005 S/m
Current Draw: 350 mA BLIS operation
Depth Accuracy: 0.1% full scale
Depth Rating: 100 m
Depth Resolution: 0.002% full scale
Diameter: 18.5 cm
Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy: 2% of saturation
Dissolved Oxygen Range: 120% of saturation
Dissolved Oxygen Resolution: 0.035% saturation
Input Voltage: 9 – 16 VDC
Length: 65.4 cm
Measuring Range Conductivity: 0–9 S/m
Measuring Range Turbidity: 0–25 NTU
Output: Digital (RS232)
Temperature Accuracy: 0.002 °C
Temperature Range: -5–35 °C
Temperature Resolution: 0.001 °C
Turbidity Measurement Sensitivity: 0.013 NTU
Wavelength Turbidity: 700 nm
Weight in air, water: 5.4, 1.8 kg