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  • Address: Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc., 13431 NE 20th Street, Bellevue, Washington 98005 USA (directions)

Sea-Bird Electronics

Typical manufacturing cell

One of several calibration labs

Salinity checks in metrology lab

Founded in 1974, Sea-Bird Electronics is the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of products for the measurement of salinity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen, and related oceanographic parameters in marine waters. These tools are used around the world by ocean researchers, resource managers, and key industries engaged in offshore exploration and ocean resource utilization. Our customers include research institutes, ocean observing programs, national and local government agencies, oil companies, engineering firms, environmental consulting businesses, and navies throughout the world. Our products are used in numerous critical environmental research and monitoring efforts that are deeply tied to our modern world. These studies include topics ranging from determining the ocean’s role in, and the associated impact from, climate changes, to the monitoring of environmental impacts of major episodic events such as oil spills and tsunamis.

Sea-Bird Electronics’ core products include: Conductivity/Temperature/Depth (CTD) profilers, multi-bottle in-situ water samplers, moored CT recorders, wave/tide recorders, dissolved oxygen sensors, and thermosalinographs (complete listing of products). In addition, we offer a new class of platforms and sensors to enable autonomous sampling of critical ocean parameters. As part of our commitment to advancing the science of ocean measurement, we are deeply invested in engineering, metrology, calibration, software development, scientific analysis, and other essential technologies that make our products more accurate, reliable, and broadly useful.

In 2008, Sea-Bird Electronics was acquired by Danaher. After subsequent acquisition of WET Labs (2010) and Satlantic (2011), Sea-Bird Electronics and its two sister companies combined to form a new entity — Sea-Bird Scientific. By combining the three companies, Sea-Bird Scientific built unprecedented capabilities in providing best-of-class tools for monitoring of physical and biogeochemical variability in waters. Today Sea-Bird Scientific employs over 200 people in the US, Canada, and Europe in development, manufacture, calibration, sales, and support of our products.

In 2013, Sea-Bird Scientific reorganized to provide more focused support for its expanding customer base. We now provide products and services through two commercial businesses:

  • The Ocean Research Business Unit works with our historic customer base and remains the source of most of Sea-Bird Electronics’ core products and services, as well as those of WET Labs and Satlantic. It also manages the firms’ growing capabilities in autonomous platforms and sensors.
  • Sea-Bird Coastal addresses the emerging requirements for improved monitoring of the world’s coastal margin zones and inland waters.

The Sea-Bird Scientific senior leadership includes: Casey Moore (President and Sea-Bird Electronics site leader); Dr. Tom Mitchell (Vice President Ocean Research Business Unit & Product Engineering); Lea Ann Zuellig (Director of Sea-Bird Coastal); Dave Murphy (Director of Science); Dr. Nordeen (Norge) Larson (Chief Science Executive); Dr. Andrew Barnard (Chief Technology Officer); David Helwig (Vice President of Operations); and Mark Thorpe (Vice President of Finance and CFO). Key staff at Sea-Bird Electronics also includes Calvin Lwin (sales). While Sea-Bird Electronics and its sister companies continue to shape our business to better serve our customers and the global science community as a whole, we remain firmly committed to the core attributes that built our companies. As testament to this, the previous owners of all three businesses that now comprise Sea-Bird Scientific remain deeply engaged with the business, and two of them currently serve on the senior leadership team (Moore, Larson).

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