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The following addresses should have the company names used for postal and courier shipments.

Bellevue Site Philomath Site Halifax Site

Sea-Bird Electronics
13431 NE 20th St,
Bellevue, WA
98005  USA

Postal Address
WET Labs
PO Box 518
Philomath, OR
97370 USA

Courier & Shipping
WET Labs
620 Applegate St.
Philomath, OR
97370 USA

Richmond Terminal,
Pier 9
3481 North Marginal Rd.
Halifax, NS

+1 425 643-9866 +1 541 929 5650 +1 902 492 4780
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Hours of operation: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time to office location.

Sales quotation or product support, please select the applicable contact:


Sales Team

Director of Sales Calvin Lwin
Field Applications Engineer Vince Jelsema
Field Applications Engineer Jennifer Zimmerman
Applications Engineer Steve Smith
Applications Engineer Julie Herring
Applications Scientist Dean Amantea
Sales Operations / Channel Sales Eric True
Inside Sales Tonya Nail
Inside Sales Jessica Wald
Inside Sales Quinn Redfield
Shipping and Logistics Supervisor Mary Walker
Sales Admin email  


Service and Customer Support Team

If you are contacting us with questions about an instrument you own, we require the instrument serial number to verify the instrument configuration / features (Click here to see an example of where to find the serial number on your instrument).

Service Manager Gary Morast
Service Supervisor Ryo Matayoshi
Technical Support Manager Adam Dutton
Technical Support Darrell Adams
Technical Support Greg Ikeda
Technical Support Emily Spady
Technical Support Isaac Reister
Technical Support Dave Stalke


Service and Customer Support (Europe)

Customer Support in Europe
Stefan Hagen
Customer Support in Europe Tobias Kibel
Customer Support in Europe Stephan Wilhelm
Customer Support in Europe (Service Scheduling / RMAs) Nathalie Gast