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Chlorophyll WETStar, 0–75 µg

Chlorophyll WETStar, 0–75 µg
Product #: FAS-000110
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High-resolution measurements to help assess water column ecosystem dynamics

Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter

FDOM contributes to the coloration of both fresh and marine waters

Uranine (fluorescein) and Rhodamine

Used as a dye to study hydraulic connections and water transport mechanisms


Allows measurement of the red pigment in cyanobacteria


Chlorophyll EX/EM: 460/695 nm
Chlorophyll Measurement Range: 0.03–75 µg/L
Chlorophyll Measurement Sensitivity: 0.03 µg/L
Current Draw: 40 mA
Depth Rating: 600 m
Diameter: 6.9 cm
Input Voltage: 7 – 15 VDC
Length: 17.1 cm
Output: 0–5 V
Response Time: 0.125 sec
Rhodamine EX/EM: N/A
Weight in air, water: 0.8 kg, 0.1 kg