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Freshwater Monitoring

A misty freshwater lake

Freshwater monitoring is often focused on the big picture over the long term with the involvement of larger government agencies (such as USGS, Bureau of Reclamation, Army Corp of Engineering). There is a desire to capture changing signals over long term as well as target events such as early warning systems, regulation of sampling plans, and identification of sources of contaminants. Monitoring efforts focus on determining climate impacts and long term drivers of hydrology. Forecast models are used to locate dead zones and help define other impact on recreation sites.

CDOM, turbidity, carbon sediments and nutrients are the primary parameters monitored in Freshwater. Surface water and estuaries are also managed. Sea-Bird Scientific sensors allow regulatory agencies to predict bio-chemical proxies and build DOC models that are tailored to monitoring efforts and land use management plans.

A number of Sea-Bird instruments/equipment are suitable for freshwater monitoring: