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Moored sensors measure water parameters in one location, over an extended period of time, providing a time series of data. Sea-Bird Scientific offers moored temperature sensors as well as instruments for high-accuracy pressure measurements (wave and tide recorder, bottom pressure recorder, and tsunami sensor). We also offer water quality, nutrient, and optical sensors that are specifically designed to be used on moorings.

The HydroCAT-EP measures conductivity, temperature, depth, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and chlorophyll. It is ideally suited for extended deployments in remote, biologically rich environments, for depths to 350 m.

The SBE 37 MicroCAT C-T (P) (DO) Recorder measures Moored Conductivity, Temperature, (optional) Pressure, and (optional) Dissolved Oxygen measurements, at user-programmable intervals. Now also available with pH (37-SMP-ODO with SeaFET or Deep SeaFET). Available with RS-232, RS-485, SDI-12, and Inductive Modem interfaces.

SBE 39plus Temperature (P) Recorder measures Temperature and (optional) Pressure, at user-programmable intervals. Internal memory and battery pack, RS-232 and USB interface. Configurations with internal or external thermistor, external connector, pressure. Also, available with Inductive Modem (IM) telemetry.

SBE 16plus V2 SeaCAT C-T (P) Recorder measures Moored Conductivity, Temperature, (optional) Pressure, and up to seven auxiliary sensors, at user-programmable intervals. Also, available with Inductive Modem (IM) telemetry.

SBE 56 Temperature Logger: Low-cost, high-accuracy, battery-powered temperature and time logger, with user-programmable sampling interval.

Water Quality Monitor (WQMx): The water quality monitor is designed to deliver core biogeochemical water quality parameters from a single integrated package. Designed for long term deployments the WQMx uses both active and passive anti-fouling measures that allow it to be deployed unattended for up to a year.