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RMA Service Request Form

RMA Sea-Bird Scientific logo Return Merchandise Authorization
(RMA) Form

RMA Form

Please Note:

  • Due to a disruption in our supply chain, orders requiring new connectors or cables may require significant additional lead time. For example a custom cable may take 22 weeks or longer to provide at this time. We are working with our supply chain to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
  • Please take special care to install all dummy plugs on your instrument prior to shipment to ensure connectors are adequately protected from potential damage.
  • Before shipping, obtain an RMA number, so that we know your instrument is on the way and can schedule appropriately
  • Read before packing an SBE 25 or SBE 9plus
  • Shipping batteries

Preparing all shipments: Choose the site location you are returning your instrument to:

As of January 11, 2017, Sea-Bird Scientific in Halifax (Satlantic) is no longer accepting instruments at the Halifax facility. Equipment must now be sent to Sea-Bird Scientific in Bellevue, Washington (Sea-Bird Electronics) or Sea-Bird Scientific in Philomath, Oregon (WET Labs).

Select the location in the RMA Form for return shipping based on your Satlantic instrument.

 Former Satlantic Instruments Serviced by Sea-Bird Scientific Bellevue (Sea-Bird Electronics).
Former Satlantic Instruments Serviced by Sea-Bird Scientific Philomath (WET Labs) 
  • SUNA
  • ISUS
  • SeaFETTM
  • HarvestWatch
  • Battery Packs
  • Micro Sensors
  • PAR
  • Hyper Sensors
  • Micro/HyperPros
  • LOBOs
  • Stor-X
  • REM
  • Bioshutters
  • Tilt Heading Sensors
  • Micro Deck Units
  • Profiler II
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