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SBE 38 Digital Oceanographic Thermometer

Sophisticated A/D acquisition electronics, ultra-stable thermistor, and state-of-the-art calibration provide the standards-level performance of an expensive AC bridge and platinum thermometer at a small fraction of the cost. The SBE 38 is unaffected by shock and vibration, has high accuracy and stability, and is easy to use. It has a rugged, corrosion-proof, 10,500 m titanium housing. Real-time temperature data is transmitted via the RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface in ASCII characters (°C or raw counts). The SBE 38 must be externally powered, and its data logged or telemetered by a computer, data logger, or instrument.

Applications include calibration baths, oceanographic/aquatic research, and environmental monitoring. The SBE 38 is frequently integrated as a remote temperature sensor with an SBE 21 Thermosalinograph or SBE 45 MicroTSG, to provide accurate sea surface temperature. It can also be integrated as a secondary temperature sensor with an SBE 16plus, 16plus-IM, 16plus V2, 16plus-IM V2, 19plus V2, or 25plus CTD.

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