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How is my information kept safe?

This site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to transfer all information associated with placing an order, including your personal information, credit card and payment information if this is provided, and other order contents. It is always possible to intercept information sent over the internet. When SSL is used, information you send to us is encrypted on your computer before it is sent, and our server likewise encrypts information before we send it to you.

What do I need to do?

Your best protection is to make sure the site you are on is authentic, and that your connection is secure before you send personal information. Check the address of the site in your browser address bar (in the top part of the browser window). The name of a Seabird domain should always appear at the beginning of the address, following the 'https:' protocol indicator. Currently our site is served from The 'https:' protocol indicates an encrypted SSL connection. Your browser also indicates when you are using a secure connection by displaying a locked padlock in the status bar area (the bottom part of the browser window). If your connection is not secure, there will be no padlock icon (Internet Explorer) or an unlocked icon (Netscape).

Please Note: Prior to logging on, you will be starting from a non-secured connection. When you submit logon information, you will be switched to a secure connection before your browser actually sends any information.

How can I be sure?

Our system is certified by VeriSign®, an independent company that validates the authenticity of the source site (that we are who we claim to be) and verifies that the site meets stringent SSL security standards. The VeriSign logo appears on key secure pages within our site. Clicking on the VeriSign logo will open a separate connection to the VeriSign site to confirm this information.