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SeatermV2 2.8.0

December 4, 2018

Seaterm V2 version 2.8.0 provides the following:

  • SeatermUSB — Fixed a bug where the application may lock up with multiple SBE 56's are plugged and unplugged
  • SeatermUSB — Fixed a bug causing the device pane to become greyed out and unresponsive
  • SeatermUSB — Fixed the "Help" link in Google Chrome
  • SeatermUSB — Fixed a bug causing the calendar shows incorrect days of the week
  • SeatermUSB — Fixed a bug that permanently locks out the 'plot' button when the user attempts to plot an incorrectly formatted file
  • SeatermUSB — Fixed a bug causing the application to lock up after pressing the 'upload configuration' button and connecting / disconnecting multiple SBE 56's
  • SeaTerm232 — Fixed a bug causing Data Conversion to fail for the SBE37SMP-RS232, SBE37SMP-RS485, SBE37IMP, SBE37SIP-RS232, and SBE37SIP-RS485
  • Added updated command set files for the SBE 37 in SeaTermV2