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Service and Support Sunset Notice for FIRe

June 25, 2018

It is with a sense of loss that we announce the Sunset of service and support for the FIRe (Fluorescence Induction and Relaxation System).

Based on the Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometry (FRRF) technique, the FIRe was developed in collaboration with Dr. Maxim Gorbunov and Dr. Paul Falkowski from Rutgers University. The system is the result of 15 years experience in phytoplankton physiology, photosynthesis and primary production assessment.

We know many users have relied on the FIRe technology, have integrated it into their platforms and programs, and draw from its long publication record. We understand that transitioning to a new instrument can be an undertaking that requires mechanical, training, process, data handling, and potentially scientific changes. We expect these units to continue to perform in the field and regret that we will no longer be able to calibrate, service or support the FIRe.

We removed the FIRe from our sales offering in July of 2017, and continued to provide service and support as long as we were able. Unfortunately, due to a loss of technical expertise we no longer have the capability to provide these services. Technical documents and software will be archived, but still available via our website here. If you have questions about the Sunset of FIRe, please contact product management at

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