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Field Service Bulletin 35: SBE 56 Firmware Bug

June 21, 2019

A bug in the SBE 56 firmware causes two configuration changes to occur automatically:

  • The sample interval resets to the default 60 seconds.
  • The battery installation date/time setting resets. This resets the “calculated battery life remaining” value in SeaTermUSB, but otherwise does not affect actual battery life.

This affects any SBE 56 with serial number 56-09380 and below. This bug occurs when the SBE 56 starts logging at a delayed start date/time, if the start date/time is after December 27th, 2019 at 00:00:00. If the delayed start date/time is set any time after 27-Dec-2019 (e.g. 14-Jan-2020 12:00:00), the SBE 56 will trigger the bug when it reaches that date and time. It will still begin sampling at the specified date and time, but it will automatically revert to a 60-second sample interval.

Sea-Bird Scientific has released a new version of the firmware that fixes this problem. Upgrading the instrument’s firmware will allow the SBE 56 to sample with a delayed start date/time after 27-Dec-2019 without reverting to a 60-second sample interval.

Download the upgrade instructions and necessary files here:

 Field Service Bulletin 35

 Firmware Upgrade Files

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