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August 2018 Newsletter

Erroneous data from a SUNA V2
The figure above comes from a SUNA V2 in a river in the Midwestern United States, deployed shortly after receiving a freshwater calibration from Sea-Bird Scientific. All factory testing and troubleshooting from the end user show that the sensor appears to be working properly, and the integrated wiper was intact and functional upon retrieval. Even in the strangest environments, nitrate isn’t consumed rapidly enough to become depleted in a matter of seconds, nor is the Nitrogen Cycle fast enough to replenish it just as quickly. Can you diagnose what is happening to this SUNA V2?

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Puget Sound in Washington State
King County, WA Offshore Nitrate Monitoring Program

Puget Sound, Washington State’s sprawling arm of the Salish Sea, lies next to one of the fastest-growing populations in the United States. To track how the exploding population may be changing environmental baselines, scientists with King County deploy a suite of biogeochemical sensors and sampling equipment, including a SUNA V2 Nitrate sensor integrated on an SBE 55 water sampler.

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Map of St. Lucy Estuary, Florida
Tracking Nutrient Loading in Real Time

Access to real-time data can provide a lens to dynamic systems; as conditions change and variables interact with one another, up-to-date data is crucial for creating accurate models and making a timely response in a state of emergency. In the case of Florida’s St. Lucie Estuary, real-time nutrient data helped determine the factors behind a state of emergency.

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Sea-Bird University

Sea-Bird Scientific offers regularly scheduled four-day training classes to teach our customers how to get the most from their instruments. Training consists of operator training on major Sea-Bird products and software and is hands-on by nature. Visit our website to get more details on the curriculum and to enroll in the upcoming class scheduled on October 22-25, 2018. Hurry, space is limited!

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Meet our People: Eric Rothberg, International Channel Sales Manager

Eric holds an MBA from California State University, Fresno. Prior to joining Sea-Bird, Eric has worked for several companies related to water treatment and instrumentation. Most of Eric’s focus has been on the international side of the business and he has lived in Brazil and Argentina for several years (he is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese). Eric recently joined the Sea-Bird team to help support the international sales channels and further develop the market. In his spare time, Eric enjoys surfing, boating, and gardening.

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