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December 2018 Newsletter

Spiking CTD Profile
Spanning January to July 2018, two of the first SeapHOx V2s (serial numbers 001 and 002) tracked changes in pH at an experimental kelp farm funded by the Paul Allen Foundation. The purpose of the experiment was twofold: field-test the upgraded version of the SeapHOx pH sensor, and see if Saccharina latissima aquaculture can help combat ocean acidification.

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What is Causing the Difference between Internal and External pH?

The figure on your left originates from a single Shallow SeaFET V2 pH sensor, which produces two pH values (Internal pH and External pH) from two separate reference sensors. The black X’s indicate that pH validation samples match the internal pH data more closely. While environmental conditions affect the internal/external readings differently, they should ultimately be close to one another. Can you identify why External pH is less accurate than Internal pH?

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Basic Maintenance videos for the SeaFET V2 pH Sensor

Upgrading to a SeaFET V2 from the original SeaFET is completely internal—aside from circuit boards within the instrument, the V2 uses the same housing, sensors, and batteries as the V1. Therefore, the basic maintenance procedures for the V1 and V2 are practically the same. Watch our short video series for basic maintenance of the SeaFET and SeaFET V2.

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Meet Our People: Genevieve Howell, Director, Global Service and Support

Genevieve has a BS in Marine Science and an MS in Marine Biology. She joined Sea-Bird Scientific in 2003 as a Calibration Technician. Over past couple of years, Genevieve’s role was more focused on Operations and Management. Her new role as Director of Global Service and Technical Support focuses on making improvements to the customer’s service and support experiences, and crafting long-term strategies to help maintain that standard of excellence. In her spare time, Genevieve helps her husband with beer-related research for their brewery in Seattle. She also loves hiking with her husband and her dog.

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