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February 2019 Newsletter

Time-series of pH with high residuals
What is Causing This “Feature” in pH?

The data above originate from a SeaFET pH sensor connected to a flow-through system that should provide stable, consistent data. As you can see, the Internal pH value experiences a dramatic drop in pH and a subsequent increase in noise midway through data collection. The External pH values match samples from a spectrophotometer. Temperature remains stable during the shift in Internal pH, indicating that the flow-through system continued to provide a consistent seawater supply.

Can you determine what caused the sudden change in Internal pH for this SeaFET?

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ISFET Circuit Explained

The ISFET is the secret sauce behind the stability and accuracy of the SeaFET V2 and SeapHOx V2. But what’s really going on that allows such a small component to measure pH, and what allows it to outperform classic glass electrodes? To learn more, watch our video explanation of the ISFET circuit to learn from one of Sea-Bird Scientific’s own Electrical Engineers.

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Reliably Measuring pH

Although it’s barely the size of a breath mint, the Ag/AgCl reference allows the Deep SeapHOx V2 to dive deeper than any other pH sensor. Learn how a solid-state reference electrode allows the SeaFET V2, SeapHOx V2, and Deep SeapHOx V2 retain accuracy across a much broader range of temperature and pressure than standard pH sensors.

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Meet our People Greg Ikeda, Content Development Manager

Greg Ikeda joined Sea-Bird Scientific in 2014 as a Technical Support Technician, supporting technical and scientific questions from our customers. He has a BS in Oceanography from the University of Washington—during this time he logged over 100 days at-sea on various research vessels. His role as Content Development Manager has him creating new material ranging from instrument manuals to case studies and whitepapers. In his free time he enjoys bicycling and exploring the Washington outdoors.

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