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May 2019 Newsletter

Missing data from a sensor's output
Tech Tip: Missing Data from a Deep ISFET pH Sensor

The screenshot above shows a series of NaN values in the .csv file uploaded from a Deep SeapHOx V2. Among them is “pH External,” the pH value originating from the instrument’s ISFET pH sensor and the external reference electrode. Obviously, the pH sensor isn’t performing as expected if it is failing to report a pH value.

Can you identify why so much data is missing from the uploaded file?

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Data from a pH sensor and CTD
Application Note: Processing Raw ISFET pH Data

Let’s be clear—when everything goes as planned, the SeapHOx V2 and Deep SeapHOx V2 will both automatically calculate and output an accurate pH value. However, there are some instances where knowing how to convert the raw ISFET output to pH is crucial. Read out latest application note to learn how.

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ISFET Diagram
Explaining the ISFET pH Sensor

ISFET-based pH sensors have been used to measure pH in industrial settings for years (do you know the pH of your last beer?). It’s the adaptation of this technology for measuring ocean pH that makes the SeaFET V2 and SeapHOx V2 novel tools for the scientific community. Watch Matthew, one of Sea-Bird Scientific’s Electrical Engineers, give a high-level explanation of the ISFET circuit and how it is ultimately able to measure pH in the ocean.

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Landon Martin, Service Administrator
Meet Our People: Landon Martin

Landon Joined Sea-Bird in October of 2017 as an Administrator in the Service Department. He brings several years of experience in project coordination and customer service/technical support in a manufacturing environment. Today, his job revolves around managing incoming service jobs and ensuring the technicians have all the information they need to approach their work as efficiently as possible. Born and raised in the greater Seattle area, he enjoys nature walks, sports (football, hockey, and baseball in that order), and making music.

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