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November 2018 Newsletter

Spiking moored CTD profile
The figure above originated from an SBE 37-SMP MicroCAT moored CTD deployed in shallow seawater. On day 38, the salinity data appears to jump from a near-zero value, steadily increasing until around day 43, where it stayed around 30psu. Nearby sensors indicate that the salinity after day 43 is correct. What do you think was causing the low data in the first 38 days of the deployment, and what may have caused it to increase to the expected salinity?

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Map showing the location of the KEO Mooring
Real-Time Moorings: A Look at Regional Forecasting and Physical Oceanography Research

An ocean mooring can help with more than publishing research papers. When sensors can talk to the buoy controller, and the buoy controller can call home, real-time moorings can provide useful data for short-term regional storm forecasting. Such was the case with Pacific Marine Environmental Lab’s (PMEL) Kuroshio Extension Observatory (KEO) Mooring when Typhoon Choi-Wan passed by.

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AGU Fall Meeting 2018 logo
AGU Fall Meeting

Sea-Bird Scientific is exhibiting next month at AGU Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C. Come see us at Booth 520 and take a look at the new instruments, discuss your applications and find out how our latest technologies can work for you. Contact us if you'd like to reserve a time to meet with us.

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James Foesenek, Production Engineering
Meet Our People: James Foesenek, Production Engineering

Jim joined Sea-Bird in 1998 and worked at the Halifax, NS facility until 2018. He moved to the US this year to support optical sensors that are now manufactured in Philomath, OR facility. In Jim's own words 'There may have been a few problems early on but what I witnessed is that the quality and level of effort that went in, make sure that these optical sensors equal or surpass what came out of Halifax site. The entire team here at Seabird Scientific is committed to the Oceanographic community.' Jim loves spending time designing electronic circuits, enjoys amateur radio, and mechanics.

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