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Connector Types

Wet-pluggable connectors may be mated in wet conditions. Their pins do not need to be dried before mating. By design, water on connector pins is forced out as connector is mated. However, they must not be mated or un-mated while submerged. Wet-pluggable connectors have a non-conducting guide pin to assist pin alignment and require less force to mate, making them easier to mate reliably under dark or cold conditions, compared to our Impulse XSG/RMG connectors. Like XSG connectors, wet-pluggables need proper lubrication and require care during use to avoid trapping water in sockets. See our training video page and application note 57 for tips on maintaining and mating connectors and cables.

XSG Connector detail of pins
XSG Connector
Wet-pluggable MCBH detail of pins
Wet-pluggable (MCBH) Connector